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Both of them are mortified, it seems like Brett was talking about massages the whole time after all. She recounts to the masseuse how the last time she received a massage it was from a gorgeous woman. She places thetowel over her, but she doesn't do a great job of positioning it to cover everything and so some of her ass and pussy is peeking out at the bottom of the towel. It's so stiff that she needs a good. Kenzie sees how much Brett is enjoying it and decides to take the hint, moving her hand lower to caress Brett's pussy. She could make Brett feel things she's never felt before. Eventually, the subject gets on to Brett's back being sore. Kenzie enters and starts preparing for the massage. Brett argues that she's not a lesbian, but Kenzie remarks that just like with the massage, nobody knows a woman's body better than an experienced woman like herself. Brett isn't sure, but as Kenzie begins to lick her pussy, her hesitation falls away, and soon, the two old friends are both feeling things that they've never felt before. They both seem eager to small talk except when the masseuse asks Brett how her husband is doing, she rushedly says he's fine and then asks about how the parlor is faring these days.

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Surprised to see each other, they greet each other warmly. 'Oh, is that so?' Kenzie plays coy, flipping Brett over to massage her perfect tits. Kenzie apologizes in a panic - she's so sorry, she thought for sure Brett was coming on to her. Kenzie leads her friend to the private massage room and instructs Brett to get undressed, explaining that she doesn't want to get any oil on her clothes. 'I'm just going to adjust this slightly Kenzie says as she pulls the towel slots online games free online kasino down to properly cover up her friend's private areas, and then gets started on the massage. And Brett wouldn't believe the things that Kenzie can do with her mouth. roxy palace online casino kosten spielen ohne anmeldung Kenzie knocks gently on the door and Brett says softly to video slots online free kostenlos spielen sizzling hot come. 'What about when I asked you about your husband?' Kenzie eventually asks, 'You seemed to want to change the subject pretty fast.'. She can't remember the last time they were intimate together. Kenzie raises an eyebrow - could it be that Brett is trying to hint at something? But she shakes her head, no, of course she's married so that can't.

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